Raw materials that preform

At SnugSleep™ we know that quality matters so we take pride in sourcing raw materials that meet our high standards. All of our organic products use GOTS certified raw materials*.

GOTS Organic

Organic Wool

Organic wool

Our GOTS certified organic wool from the UK is a soft luxurious fibre selected for maximum loft. This virgin wool is double scoured and arrives at our North Vancouver factory in 200 KG bales. Each bale is hand-inspected for quality and unpacked into a holding area to allow the fibres to relax. This process enhances the carding process and produces a high loft carded wool batt, which gives our SnugSleep™ duvets their pillow-like softness and superior insulating qualities.

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Organic Cotton

Organic cotton

Our GOTS certified organic cotton from China is sleek and sumptuous. It’s 260 count sateen weave creates an incredibly soft fabric. This material rivals silk for its smooth texture and drappable nature. We have worked closely with our cotton supplier to tailor this cotton for duvet production. All rolls are manufactured especially for our duvets and employ a Power Loom technique for consistent quality. We love this cotton and the duvets it produces.

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*The full story

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed by leading standard setters to define world-wide recognized requirements for organic textiles. From the harvesting of the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling, textiles certified to GOTS provide a credible assurance to the consumer.

At SnugSleep™, we love GOTS and strive to use the highest quality materials possible. We are also a small, locally owned business, so some factory materials fall outside the GOTS certifications. These non-GOTS materials follow our exacting standards but disqualify our factory from being GOTS certified. This caveat is why we cannot use the “GOTS” logo on our packing and promotional material.

In addition to the all organic, our SnugSleep™ products come in a range of different models:

  • Classic Wool Duvet – GOTS wool and natural percale cotton.
  • Washable Wool Duvet – SuperWash wool and natural percale cotton.
  • Alpaca Wool Duvet – 50% GOTS wool and 50% Alpaca wool in an organic cotton case.

All SnugSleep™ products are produced at our North Vancouver factory so you can enjoy real “Made in Canada” comfort.