The Perfect Pillow Solution

The ultimate in comfort and support

Who has not woken up in the morning with a stiff, sore neck? Or maybe a stuffed up head and sore eyes? Or had difficulty getting a pillow “just right”?

Some popular pillow choices:

  • Down pillows contour to different sleeping positions but lack resilience, do not control moisture build-up and cause allergies for many sleepers.
  • Memory foam contoured pillows are not adjustable, do not control moisture, feel hot, and can aggravate chemical sensitivities through off-gassing.

The ideal pillow should:

  • Support the head and neck in correct alignment for the position the sleeper is in.
  • Prevent moisture build-up and dampness in the neck area
  • Be free from petrochemical products
  • Be non allergenic

SnugSleep Wool Knop Pillow – the perfect pillow solution

What is a SnugSleep Wool Knop?

Wool knops are tightly twisted little balls of wool that were originally designed and developed by the New Zealand Wool Board. Incredibly resilient, wool knops easily retain their loft and shape. SnugSleep wool knops are of the highest quality and have no chemical sanitizers or fresheners added during the manufacturing processes.

Why a SnugSleep Wool Knop Pillow?

The most effective, comfortable and versatile pillows have loose fill. Many wool pillows available today are made from carded wool – essentially a wool batt in a cover. These are fine for moisture control and are often initially comfortable. However carded wool (long fibres laid out flat) compress with use and felt with washing. Wool batt pillows cannot be shaped and adjusted to accommodate different sleeping positions or various levels of mattress firmness. SnugSleep wool knops are very resilient, can easily be shaped to maintain correct neck and spinal alignment, and are easy care.

The SnugSleep Advantage

Superior wool knops are encased in a zipped-on breathable cotton pillow cover. This provides ease of laundering and adjustment of fill levels. The resilient wool knop fill ensures correct neck and spinal alignment, elimination of moisture build-up – the ultimate in comfort and support.