Wool Duvets – The right choice for better quality sleep 

The right choice for better quality sleep

Years ago choosing a bed blanket or quilt was simple – a Hudson’s Bay blanket, a down quilt, or maybe that new fangled polyester! Today the choice is vast and popular options include:

  • Down – natural
  • Wool – natural
  • Gel fibre – petrochemical based
  • Hollofil – petrochemical based
  • Silk – natural
  • Bamboo – natural

Do these choices make good duvets? A good duvet should:

  • Provide good insulation
  • Be lightweight, comfortable and contouring
  • Readily absorb the moisture vapour given off by the body while asleep
  • Be non allergenic and free of petrochemical products

Of the four remaining natural materials, wool is the only one that meets all these criteria.  So now the question is how to choose a wool duvet?

The wool fill should be hi bulk (trapping lots of air for insulation),  resilient and light in weight.  A flat, heavy wool duvet indicates poor quality wool that will not insulate well.  The cover should be soft, breathable and allow the wool fill to contour to the sleeper’s position.  If the cover is stiff, rustles or is hard to breathe through, it means the cover is probably down-proof cotton which greatly reduces wool’s moisture controlling benefits.

The SnugSleep Advantage:  our duvets are filled with hi bulk 100% British wool specially selected to provide optimum loft and insulation.  Our specialized carding process increases the loft and resilience of the wool batts further before they are quilted into soft, breathable percale cotton.  Under a SnugSleep wool duvet the temperature is “just right”, ensuring maximum sleeping comfort.

Rest assured… its wool, it’s SnugSleep