SnugSleep and Latex Gold

The Perfect Match

At SnugSleep we are passionate about better quality, healthier sleep, and our wool bedding products will greatly improve the quality of your sleep (by up to 50%) but this is only half the job. Many of today’s mattresses seem most impressive with multi layers of materials, pillow tops, and extravagant promises of longevity but do they benefit your quality of sleep and health?

  • What about that mattress under your SnugSleep wool bedding?
  • What materials is it made of?
  • What about density of foam?
  • What about longevity of components and materials?
  • Is it petrochemical based and will it off-gas potential toxins?

With Latex Gold 100% natural Dunlop Rubber latex, SnugSleep has found the perfect match for our wool bedding products.

Get the factsLatex Gold Info-Sheet

Latex Gold mattresses are:

  • 100% natural Dunlop rubber latex (no fillers added).
  • Excellent at providing long-term comfort, support and correct spinal alignment.
  • Naturally biodegradable.
  • Naturally anti-microbial.
  • Custom built for each sleeper.
  • Covered in 100% organic cotton knit fabric with a 100% pure wool comfort layer.
  • Free of synthetics and petrochemical products.

Together SnugSleep wool bedding products and Latex Gold mattresses will provide natural comfort and health to ensure better quality, healthier sleep.

REST ASSURED… it’s SnugSleep and Latex Gold