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SnugSleep Products Care Tips

How to Care For Your Wool Bedding

SnugSleep™ wool bedding products are manufactured using high quality wool designed to provide the optimum in sleeping comfort and health. Wool is a natural living fibre that requires gentle care to maximize its longevity. Even superwash wool requires minimum agitation and never expose any wool product to high heat for more than a few minutes. Remember how your hair looks when it is over-processed and over-dried!! For the best care of your SnugSleep™ wool bedding products use the care tips below as your guide.

Heritage Organic & Classic Pure Wool Duvets

How To Clean Your Duvet

Heritage Organic Wool and Classic Pure Wool (pure wool is non-organic wool) can be cleaned by hanging out in the sun. Yes, you have read that right, natural wool is self-cleaning, and by hanging out in the sun, you are cleaning it.

Or you can get it professionally cleaned at a drycleaning facility that works with wool-filled bedding. Not all drycleaners are equal when it comes to cleaning wool. Ask if they work with wool bedding.

A third option is to hand wash your wool bedding in a bathtub or large sink. You want to use a wool-safe detergent that will not harm or dry out the wool. There are several wool-safe laundry detergents out there. You will want to thoroughly rinse your duvet to remove any detergents and gently ring out the excess water. The best and safest way to dry your Heritage Organic Wool or Classic Duvet is to put it in the sun. Do not put organic or pure wool duvets in the dryer, it may ruin your duvet. If you are still unsure how to take care of any of our products, reach out, email or call us with any questions.

How To Clean A Stain

Any spills and minor stains can be “spot” hand-washed with lukewarm water and mild detergent in a laundry tub, rinsed with cool water and allowed to drain in the tub till dry enough to hang up to finish drying. Another trick to remove stains is with Hydrogen Peroxide, pour, spray or dab it with a cotton swap. Leave it on for ten mins and rinse it off thoroughly. If the stain still persists, repeat the process. Note the area where you use Hydrogen peroxide may lighten the area, but it’s still better than a stain.

Washable Wool Duvets & Mattress Pads

How To Clean Your Duvet & Mattress Pads

SnugSleep™ washable wool duvets and mattress pads feature superwash British wool and pre-shrunk cotton covering. These washable wool products can be machine laundered in a front-loading machine using cool water, a delicate cycle and an approved wool soap. Tumble dry at low setting for a maximum of 10 minutes, then hang to finish air drying.

Wool Knop Pillows

How To Re-Fluff Your Wool Knop Pillows

Place pillow or pillows (max. 2) in the dryer with a wet (wrung-out) terry towel. Tumble for 5 – 8 minutes on “hot”, remove and allow to cool before use. The steam released will re-fluff the wool knops.

How To Clean Your Wool Knop Pillows

Laundry – two choices.

Unzip the cover, and pour loose knop fill into a large plastic bag. Launder the cotton cover in the machine with other bedding. Refill and use. This can be done as frequently as you desire.

The whole pillow may be hand washed if needed. Lukewarm water and mild detergent in the laundry tub. Gently squeeze – do not agitate. When rinsed can be “spun” in the washing machine to remove excess water. Place in dryer on hot for max. 5 minutes. Remove and allow to air dry.

Unsure how to properly wash your SnugSleep product? Contact us.

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