Wool Duvets

SnugSleep™ wool duvets

Natural Comfort of Wool

At SnugSleep™ we specially select hi-bulk premium British wool to ensure our duvets have maximum loft and insulation. Our specialized carding and manufacturing processes further enhance this natural wool loft for optimum insulation and comfort. However, great wool is only half the job. The material that is chosen to cover it is equally important. We choose a soft, drapable cotton that allows maximum breathability. We do not use downproof cotton or cotton with too high a thread count, as these materials significantly reduce wool’s unique moisture-controlling benefits. Our minimal quilting stitch pattern allows the wool fill to regain maximum loft and keep the wool in place.

SnugSleep™ Duvets Available in 3 Types of Wool

Our finest and all-organic duvet.

Our original pure wool duvet.

Our washable wool duvet.

Heritage Organic Wool Duvets

Our Heritage Organic Wool Duvets come with 100% British GOTS-certified organic wool that offers beautiful, unparalleled comfort. It starts with raw scoured organic wool and runs through our 1960s garnet carding machine. (We are one of a few companies still using these old-school machines in North America.). This takes raw, tangled wool and brushes them into straight aligned beautiful wool that then gets sandwiched between two soft GOTS-certified organic cotton covers. Duvets are then quilted to keep the wool even to avoid any cold spots. The last step manufacturing step is sewing on the edge-binding, so the wool keeps to the edges to prevent any pullback.

To complement our GOTS-certified organic wool, we use beautiful sateen organic cotton covers with a 260 thread count. The thread count compliments the function of wool which allows airflow. This soft silky cotton comes with the GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standards) that is grown and picked in Turkey.

Available in three sizes in 3 comfort levels (weights): Twin, Queen, and King in Light, Regular or Heavy weight. 

Classic Pure Wool Duvets

Our original Classic Wool duvet is our best-value duvet featuring Pure English wool with a natural 200-count percale cotton cover. The handcrafted all-natural duvets are hand-made on our classic 1960 carding machine, which produces a better quality high loft carded wool with maximum insulation. The duvets are quilted to ensure the fill and cotton are secure and don’t shift, creating any cold areas. Finally, the edges are bound, securing the carded wool, then hand-inspected and packed. Our Classic duvet is a healthy and luxurious product designed to max sleep health.

Available in three sizes in 3 comfort levels (weights): Twin, Queen, and King in Light, Regular or Heavy weight. 

Washable Wool Duvets

Our washable wool duvets feature genuine SuperWash* wool fill, so the duvets can be gently machine laundered when needed. Our SuperWash* wool uses the “Hercosett 125” shrink-proofing process to allow laundering. The washable wool duvets are a convenient option and offer the same features as the classic but are machine washable.

*We choose not to apply additional chemical fresheners after production, so some users may find an unexpected smell. This smell will dissipate with time or after washing. If you require a 100% natural product, please choose our all-organic duvet, but note the organic wool is not washable, so it needs extra care.

Available in three sizes in two comfort levels (weights): Twin, Queen, and King in Light or Regular weight.

Duvets Sizes & Comfort Levels


64″ x 88″


89″ x 90″


106″ x 90″


Summer – best for warmer weather or year-round in an apartment or condo. Equivalent GPSM 250 to 280*


All Season – most sleepers’ preference for all-year-round use. Equivalent GPSM 320 to 350*


Cold nights, or sleepers who feel the cold easily. Equivalent GPSM 400+*

*At Snug Sleep Co, we specially select premium British wool to ensure our SnugSleep™ duvets have maximum loft and insulation. The GPSMs (grams per square metre) supplied are estimated based on the wool weight and may not reflect the insulating factor of the duvet. Our specialized carding process and choice of premium wool maximize the loft and insulation of all our Snugsleep™ duvets.

Wool Helps Us Sleep

At SnugSleep™, wool is our passion, and we take pride in delivering high-quality wool products that help you sleep soundly. Want to know more about the benefits of wool – check out the Wool 101 page for more info.

Wool 101 Snugsleep

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