Mattress Pads With A Difference

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Naturally Non-Allergenic

What is the job of a mattress pad? To protect the mattress and keep it clean. Most mattress pads do a great job of keeping the mattress clean but do they:

  • Prevent moisture build-up in the mattress?
  • Prolong the life of the foam and comfort layers in the mattress?
  • Help reduce dust mites?
  • Improve the sleeper’s quality of sleep?

The answer is “No”!

With many of today’s popular mattresses having multi-layers of synthetic foams, cotton/polyester comfort layers and tightly woven mattress ticking, moisture build-up is a huge problem. And this dampness held within the mattress speeds the breakdown of these components. It also detrimentally affects sleep quality, causing tossing, turning and poor sleeping patterns.

This built-up dampness also provides a friendly environment for dust mites. Traditional quilted cotton-filled mattress pads increase this problem as cotton can readily absorb moisture but does not release it.

A SnugSleep™ Superwash Wool Mattress Pad will:

  • Eliminate destructive moisture build-up in the mattress
  • Prolong the life and comfort of the mattress
  • Ensure a dry, relaxing sleeping environment
  • Provide joint cushioning and a reduction in compression
  • Provide an environment inhospitable to dust mites

Wool has it all:

  • Super insulation
  • Resilience
  • Moisture absorption
  • Naturally flame resistant
  • Naturally non-allergenic
  • Therapeutic benefits

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