SnugSleep Wool Bedding

SnugSleep™ Mission

For Better Quality, Healthier Sleep

For over 30 years, the SnugSleep brand has been manufacturing quality wool bedding products in North Vancouver, BC Canada. As an owner-operated company, we are passionate about our products.

Our company philosophy has always been:

“to design and manufacture healthy all-natural bedding.”

Because we are passionate about our products, we are very particular about our raw material choices. By enjoying excellent long-term relationships with our suppliers, we can guarantee the quality of these materials. At SnugSleep, we offer all-natural bedding such as wool duvets, wool mattress pads and adjustable wool and latex pillows.

Offering the highest quality materials

Did you know that SnugSleep only selects:

– 100% virgin British high-bulk wool
– highly breathable fabrics for all our products
– GOTS-certified wool and cotton
– Pure wool (not certified organic)
– Superwash wool for our washable wool duvets and mattress pads
– the best manufacturing processes to maximize and enhance the wool loft through our carding process.

Great bedding starts with natural materials.

Why don’t you see the GOTS logo on our products?

About the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification

We have long standing relationships with our suppliers that offer GOTS-certified wool and cotton. Each shipment of organic wool bails, wool knops or cotton rolls we order comes with a new certification number. This means our certifications change with each new shipment.

So why don’t we have the GOTS Logo on our bedding? The GOTS Certification has a strict guideline that entails that our shop where we manufacture be inspected and approved to receive the rights to use the GOTS logo on our finished goods.

We can assure you that our process uses no chemicals in making our organic bedding. We care as you do!

As we grow and expand our manufacturing, we are always looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly. Within the next 6 to 12 months, we are looking at becoming a fully certified GOTS facility. But for now, we will continue bringing you organic bedding without this logo on our products.

We fully respect and look forward to being approved for this certification, so in no way are we downplaying the value and dedication that GOTS certification means.

To View our SnugSleep Global Organic Textile Standard Certificate, click here.

Our commitment to our customers is simple –
better quality, healthier sleep.